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Re-Enacting Units

  1st SS LAH 

9th Waffen-SS Panzer Division 

352nd Infantry Division

Luftwaffe Aircrew Re-enactors Association

  [Japan] Japanese Re-Enactors Page

[Japan] Isiu Island Provisional Infantry (1940-1945)

American Military Medical Impressions

1st Marine Division

2nd Rangers (Missouri)

3rd Marine Raider Battalion

4th Armored Historical Group

4th Marine Division K/3/23 

29th Infantry Division

33rd Signal Construction Battalion

45th Field Hospital, Army Nurse Corps

45th Infantry Division

70th Tank Battalion

82nd Airborne 1/504

82nd Airborne WWII Living History Association

92nd Infantry Division

101st Airborne 1/401 & 2/506

101st Airborne 506th, Dog Company 

USAAF Living History Group

USMC Historical Company

USMC Historical Company - West

USMC Living History Unit (1940-1945)

8th Guards Mechanized Corps

36th Motorized Division

39th Guards Rifle Division

52nd Guards Rifle Division

193rd Rifle Division

1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron

3rd Parachute Brigade

7th Airborne Battalion

London Irish Rifles

Oxf. & Bucks. Light Infantry

Special Operations Executive - Section T

1st Canadian Paratroopers

Queen's Own Rifles of Canada

French Resistance (FFI)

Paper Dolls - Women's WWII Living History Group

WARCOS - War Correspondents

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Re-Enacting Societies

California Historical Group (CHG)

National Military Historical Association, Inc.(NMHA)

Northwest Historical Association (NWHA)

Texas Military Historical Society (TMHS)

20th Century Tactical Studies Group (TSG)

WWII Historical Re-Enactment Society (HRS)


Magazines for Re-Enactors

Frontovaya Illyustratsiya Red Army Illustrated online

WarCos - Online Re-Enactment Magazine

Skirmish Magazine


Recent Event Pictures

FortKnox.jpg (132595 bytes)  FortKnoxEast2.jpg (85353 bytes) FtKnoxFeld2.jpg (142160 bytes) 

 FtKnoxCommand.jpg (135395 bytes) FortKnoxSquad.jpg (81497 bytes) FortKnoxOfficer.jpg (88633 bytes)  

All Photos Courtesy of David Stradal, 1st SS LAH 

Fort Knox, Memorial Day Weekend 2003 


EffinghamDallas.jpg (88125 bytes) EffinghamDriver.jpg (96257 bytes) EffinghamShawn2.jpg (102664 bytes) EffinghamShawn.jpg (78823 bytes) 

Effingham.jpg (98284 bytes) EffinghamFallen.jpg (85022 bytes) EffinghamGroup.jpg (109983 bytes) EffinghamIn.jpg (93709 bytes) 

Above Photos Courtesy of David Stradal, 1st SS LAH

Effingham, IL Sesquicentennial Celebration, May 16-18, 2003 


JB2003a.jpg (41782 bytes) JB2003b.jpg (13596 bytes) JB2002c.jpg (12032 bytes) JB2003g.jpg (13922 bytes)

JB2003d.jpg (17944 bytes) JB2003e.jpg (25470 bytes) JB2003f.jpg (26861 bytes)

Jefferson Barracks World War II Weekend, St. Louis, MO.  April 2003